Benefits of Group Music Class

  •  Group classes are easier on the pocketbook than private music lessons

  • They allow your child to perform and learn with others, emphasizing teamwork

  • Help students to overcome shyness and make it easier for them to get up in front of people

  • Provide a great way to socialize, share interests and make friends.

  • Allows students to learn a skill they keep for life in a safe environment that is full of encouragement and no judgment. 

  • Boosts confidence

  • Music teaches discipline

​Group lessons are a fun way to learn to sing.  Students will sing solos, duets and/or group

songs.  They will be introduced to proper singing technique, such as breathing,

articulation, resonance, harmony and performance presentation.

Students will be required to practice at home and come to class prepared.

There will be a studio recital at the completion of the class.

  • Total cost is for a 10-week class

  • 1-hour class (9- 11 year-olds & high schoolers) is $175 total

  • 45-minute class (5-8-year-olds) is $150 total

  • Class size limited to 4-5 students

  • Classes are held in my home located between Gig Harbor & Port Orchard.

  • Classes use the Full Voice Workbook series. Books are about $16 and can be purchased at or at


​​For more information or to reserve your spot in a class, please email  or click  



FALL classes start the week of September 23 and end the week of November 25, 2019

WINTER classes the week of January 6 to the week of March 9, 2020

SPRING classes the week of March 30 to the week of May 25, 2020