Benefits of private lessons

  • Great for those that want to grow/learn quicker

  • Great for those who have set personal goals for themselves

  • Helps develop skill faster

  • One-on-one learning can be a better fit

  • Lessons are tailor-made for each individual student

  • Great for improving memory

  • Wonderful stress-reliever

Voice lessons are one on one lessons with students​. 

The proper singing technique is still emphasized, but more individualized to each student's needs.  The focus of the lessons more on your needs and goals.

​Lessons are weekly with payment made at the beginning of each month. 


45-minute lesson - $45 per week

60-minute lesson - $60 per week

*Additional cost for music books will vary.

Lessons are in my home located between Gig Harbor and Port Orchard.

Please contact me to schedule your private lessons.